Spring Spotting

For the last 3 months we have been Spring Spotting, hunting for signs of Spring everywhere we go.

We went on a Spring Trail and found some beautiful daffodils and buds on trees.  However, we couldn’t see baby lambs anywhere.

William, Robbie and Richard heard about our hunt and came to the rescue.  We were over the moon when they arrived a ewe, 2 baby lambs and 16 calves.

We learned all about what the farmers need to do to take care of the animals, what the animals eat and we even got to pet them.

The surprises didn’t end there…. William even brought down his tractor and let us see inside!

To top it off, we planted some vegetable seeds and bulbs of our own and grew our very own Spring daffodils.

What a wonderful season Spring is and what fantastic real life learning experiences.

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