Active Breaks

We use lesson transitions regularly throughout the day. These are 2-3 minute classroom based physical activity breaks which are easy to fit in and have the added benefit of increasing focus and concentration for the lesson that follows. This shows us how a little exercise every day can make a big difference! All these exercises that can be done in the classroom so it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like outside.

Go Noodle & 10 @ 10

We loved taking part in the 10 @ 10 with RTE and Operation Transformation! We put down our pencils and worked out for 10 minutes straight. ​We completed exercises like running on the spot, star-jumps… and even the dab!

Check out Twitter to see our amazing Senior Infants / First Class taking part!

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You can even set up your own Go Noodle account at home! Click here to find out more