Sports Day 2018

Friday was the last day of our Active Week celebrations and what a way to finish! From early morning, preparations were underway for Sports Day 2018. Our boys and girls had the time of their lives running and racing, skipping and splashing, bouncing and building, parachuting and playing. A big Thank You must go to all the parents and friends of Scoil Chlíodhna, not just for attending but for taking part with a heart and a half. We could not have had a successful Sports Day without you  It’s on days like this that we are reminded of what a very special community we are part of and to see everyone sitting around at break, chatting and relaxing, was a highlight for the staff. There are lots of pics on our Facebook page but here are a selection from the day! Well done everybody!

Múinteoir Joanne’s Junior Infants

IMG_1582 2a7e82a3-6c3f-436e-a41c-6899d8f87abc IMG_1583 IMG_1581 IMG_1570 IMG_1569 fe043ee7-22c7-4f9f-ad9a-2774fa80837f IMG_1568 IMG_1567 d8452d79-fe39-4293-bd7e-3946f60d977c 12883ba5-f811-4cc1-8c56-3fa3cc6c07e8 8e2999e3-a1c0-4028-b16a-76f984dafdbe  88357a2d-00a5-414e-ac98-f91de02a8331

Special thanks to Carrigtwohill Athletics for joining our sports day!

Múinteoir Fiona’s Junior Infants

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Múinteoir Ursula’s Senior Infants

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Múinteoir Fiona’s Senior Infants & First Class

IMG_1591 IMG_1576 IMG_1575 b81b269a-4e70-4314-a9a7-ce3ee040768a 21306411-5f34-44e1-98e9-6a6ea972fd88 a0b142a8-d21b-41d3-ad2e-f028a4108938 6e7c9b52-dd37-4052-9567-70d4637bf8ce 9d9df1f6-6947-4ef6-a861-b6ca928377be 23f1f1c7-9a5a-4226-8e5f-f423f332d49a 3c6a765b-662b-4e55-9f01-47e6bab416de 00f5f388-4d08-46c6-9300-642788ec55ab  IMG_1595IMG_1598

Notice Board

Enrolment– We have closed our Junior infant enrolment window, and all offers have been made. If you applied for a place in Junior infants 2022 but did not receive a letter of offer, please let us know.

Winter holidays– We will close on Wednesday 22nd December at 11.50am* and will reopen on Thursday 6th January 2022. *Junior and Senior infants can be collected from 11.40.